Three Exercises in Editing

The results of an exercise in learning particular skills necessary for producing video essays. Students were given two clips from Luis Buñuel´s L’Âge d’or (France, 1930) a clip from Emilio Fernández’ Victimas del pecado/ Victims of Sin (Mexico, 1951), several images from works by Dalí, a selection of music, and they were asked to at least give a title to the exercise and perhaps use inter-titles. The clips were in different formats so students were required to transform them all into the same format in order to put them seamlessly onto a timeline. They also needed to know how to extract shots from the different clips, order them into a timeline, insert text, remove the soundtrack and add a different one. Students had between one and two hours to complete the exercise. The objective of this exercise was to learn some basic editing skills, to see how cuts and music dramatically alter a work, to perhaps give some insight into Buñuel´s work, and mainly to have the kind of fun with found materials that a basic editing skillset can afford and that is so evident in the work:

By Issy Van der Velde
By Ellyse Partington

By Carlo Anghel Haltrich

Posted by José Arroyo

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